Apple Pressing Service

7th November 2017 UPDATE 

We are currently working our way through the scheduled November pressing plan and have no slots available for private back garden apple crops. The cold stores are slowly emptying as we press the Owlet Apple crop into our own label juice.  Once we have finished our own fruit, the press will be available  for large quantity contract apple pressing.

We can turn your apples into bottles of fresh pressed juice. It will be  pasteurised into 1 litre glass bottles and will keep for at least a year.

All you need to do is pick your fruit when it is ripe and ready to eat. (No large holes or rotten/mouldy fruits please.) Use baskets, boxes, trays or plastic carriers with STRONG handles. Avoid using black bin sacks (tear easily) and hippo bags (too heavy to lift  by hand)

Bring your harvest along to the farm (Postcode TN3 8LY) and we will do the rest! Contact us early to mid September to make sure that the press is up and running. We ask you to deliver your fruit to the farm Monday to Friday between 8am and 5 pm, as there will always be someone around to help unload and to book your fruit in.

Quantities: Approximately 1 kg of apples will give 0.5 litre of juice.  We can press as many or as few apples as you bring.  The press is very large, so we batch small quantities of similar apple varieties together and then give each customer back the right quantity of juice on a pro rata basis.  When you arrive with your fruit we will tell you roughly how much juice you can expect and tell you the current waiting time (generally 2 – 3 weeks).

Cider: We can supply you with unpasteurised juice, for making your own cider. Please bring your  labelled fermenting container with your apples  to the farm and book in, as above, but specify you want cider juice!

Autumn 2017 Prices: £1.10/ litre + VAT (bottled, pasteurised & boxed)